How Old Popcorn Makers Work

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Since the start of the entertainment era, popcorn makers have been used to make a great munchie. Popcorn has been a great snack that was invented by the Native Americans. This creation most likely happened when kernels were accidentally thrown into an open fire. Then it was discovered that this popping sound had a great taste.

While camping, in most situations, electric popcorn makers are not used. The reason being, old style camping introduces how to live off of the land with no modern privileges. Therefore, the earliest popcorn making techniques are exercised. Included with this, is the soaking of kernels of corn in butter. Then sizzling the kernels over an open flame until the heat becomes hot enough to pop the kernels into a nice, enjoyable snack for the whole family.

After the camping technique wears thin, or is not used on a daily basis. The next step in popcorn making evolution is the method of using the stove top or the oven. All that is needed for making oven popcorn, is some aluminum foil. Simply wrap the amount of kernels desired in aluminum foil with some butter and wait for the finished treat to pop. A thin skillet works best for the stove top method of making pop corn.

Another method for making popcorn is using an already made disposable tin foil package that can be purchased in stores. All that a person has to do is open and remove the plastic packaging and heat a burner on the stove. Then place the aluminum container on the burner and wait for the popcorn to be heated to perfection. Simply open the top and enjoy. The butter and everything is already included. The empty container can be recycled.

One less popular method of popcorn making used to be completely experimental, but more and more people are doing it know. This is the solar powered popcorn maker. While constructing a solar powered popcorn maker, a person just makes a funnel out of card board that can be closed to fit inside the steel container that holds the kernels. Then the funnel gets wrapped in tin foil and set in the sun. Use heavy thermo gloves while using this method, the funnel reaches degrees that will burn the skin easily.

The least expensive method of having and making plenty of popcorn is to buy the kernels in bulk. These are available is one pound or larger bags. Then make sure there is plenty of butter available, and the family can enjoy popcorn anytime, regardless of which style of popping it is chosen. Also there are cheese powders available, and fat free butter in a powder form. These are supposed to be healthier, but definitely not better for the popcorn.

Every family should pick a night of the week to gather together and watch movies. Then every member of the family should know how to properly operate the popcorn maker properly. Each family member can then take turns with the task of operating the popcorn maker.

Eating popcorn has always been popular and always will be. This snack brings families together and always will remain a family tradition.

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How Old Popcorn Makers Work

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This article was published on 2010/04/01