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With the increase in popularity of DVD's and the low cost of DVD players, many people are making their movie nights at home a bit special. This means that they want to have popcorn to eat while they watch. This in turn means that they can have a few guests over and a great night is had by all.

The point of all this is that you need popcorn machines in order to make popcorn. There are many on the market and these range from simple childrens kitchen appliances (by childrens I mean they are in the shape of cartoon characters) to theatre style machines. Whatever your needs or desires there is one thing besides the popcorn that you will all have in common and that is - cleaning!

That is right folks, you need to make sure you maintain and clean your machines. You might ask me why and that is an easy question to answer. A clean machine makes better popcorn and a well maintained machine lasts longer. You do not really need any other reasons than those in order to want to clean and maintain yours.

These maintenance tips will vary from machine to machine. If there is glass on yours then you can just clean it with a soft cloth and a glass cleaner. It is that simple, nothing fancy to do here and it's pretty obvious. If there are pull out trays or other removable parts that are not electrical or mechanical, then just take them out and give them a good wash, just like you would do with other dishes. If you need to use tools to take things apart, then you do not need to wash it.

It is a good idea to clean your popcorn machines every time you use it if you are a home user and at the end of the day if you are a business owner.Some manufacturers supply a cleaning kit or products when you first purchased your machine. If you got yours second hand, it is worth giving the manufacturer a call so that they can send out a kit for you. There will be instructions in there as well to help you out.

To make sure that you have beautiful crunchy popcorn at all times, cleanliness is key. If things start to get chewy then a maintenance plan needs to be put in place. We all want lovely warm popcorn.

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All the brands of popcorn machines available to the consumer means that they have a good choice. You must remember that good maintenance of popcorn machines makes them last longer.

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Popcorn Machine Maintenance

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This article was published on 2010/04/01